3 years of sustainable and healthy eating


healthy eating


Today CHE Food Revolution turns three!

During the past three years, me on this side and you on the other, we have done many things.
I just wanted to remember you some of our achievements.

We have taken good care of our body in the last 3 years with conscious and healthy eating:

  • by saying no to pre-packaged food and preferring food we made ourselves, we reduced bad fats, sugar, salt and refined grains;


  • by opting for healthy eating, we have been able to take in more vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, plant-based proteins, good fats and whole grains;


  • by becoming more aware of pesticides and herbicides, as well as reducing their presence, we detoxified;


  • by informing ourselves about functional and bioactive molecules in food, we became a bit of a doctor of ourselves again;


  • by preparing delicious traditional and non-traditional foods using healthy and low-calorie ingredients, we have also shed some pounds, without ever feeling the burden of a strict diet;


  • by trying to prepare at home what we normally bought from supermarkets, we reduced the amount of food additives, free radicals and other chemicals previously taken in through food;


  • by learning about food synergies, we were able to obtain the body’s requirements without expensive supplements;


  • by delving into the biochemistry of food, we were able to replace some unhealthy ingredients with equivalent but innocent ones;


  • by adopting the proven tricks to save money on groceries, we were able to access quality food without skimping on anything.

With a conscious and healthy eating we have also done something remarkable for the planet:

  • by choosing to eat local and seasonal, we have reduced our carbon footprint;


  • by preferring organic whenever possible, we have contributed to less pollution of the air, soil and groundwater;

  • by decreasing animal-based foods, we have caused less emissions and deforestation;


  • by going to supermarkets less, we have reduced the need for plastic and packaging in general;


  • by adopting alternative cooking techniques, we have saved energy;


  • by learning to give sustainable gifts, we have reduced the production and transport of unnecessary goods;


  • by preferring ancient grains, forgotten fruits and wild herbs to monocultures, we have reduced the use of engineered seeds and also soil depletion;


  • by buying less but more quality, inventing delicious recipes with leftover food, adopting good conserving techniques and reading labels well, we have helped reduce food waste.

And the wonderful thing is that while we achieved these important goals, we spent much less.

I am particularly keen on this point, as a sustainable lifestyle can only be such if it is inclusive for all budgets.
Accessing quality by reducing costs means dedicating one’s existence no longer to producing money that is never enough, but rather a happy degrowth.
Behind the work of CHE Food Revolution, beyond the tips for healthy eating there is indeed the ambition to offer insights so that more and more individuals understand the importance of true enrichment: time.
Time for oneself, to realize our dreams; time to learn how to feed ourselves and thus be healthy; time to grow spiritually and finally understand how our happiness, our true happiness I mean, cannot be realized without respect for the environment.
At the end we are one and the same, intertwined with nature, which is asking us for a great test of maturity.

The paradox of it all is that we really can become better people, even through the way we eat: it takes awareness and a desire to grow; whether we do so or not, as always, is entirely up to us.

Thank you all for supporting me over these magnificent 3 years: book purchases and your kind donations have really helped CHE Food Revolution to move forward, without having to resort to advertising tools (Amazon, Google et similia); for this reason your help is and will continue to be invaluable.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again



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3 years of sustainable and healthy eating
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3 years of sustainable and healthy eating
Today we celebrate the third yeard of sustainable and healthy eating: our body and the planet are the winners of this change
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CHE Food Revolution
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