Our irrepressible hunger for meat


Our Irrepressible Hunger For Meat


The agro-food industry is one of the main causes of pollution and the greenhouse effect. Beginning from this incontrovertible fact, the author, a food engineer, makes available to the non-experts (but also to her colleagues), a real, raw and shocking picture concerning the evolution of our eating habits over time, and how (and why) we have arrived at the current situation: caused precisely by that food opulence from which man seems unable to free himself, and which is in particular associated with the consumption of meat. Başak not only explains the relationships between human health and that of his own habitat, the Earth, bringing out the evidence of how a correct and ethically sustainable diet, is the key for everything; but she also offers solutions, apparently simple, and incredibly effective, as they are not based on complicated absolutisms (veganism, vegetarianism, etc.) and, paradoxically, without excluding totally animal proteins. “The egg of Columbus” is a question of quantity, quality and knowledge. The author understands that to solve this gigantic problem, one must go through a mental and choral change. If we really want to change the course of the things, it is essential the active involvement of each consumer, whatever their individual limits and abilities; everyone is called to deepen their own culture on what is right and what is wrong to eat, ending up delegating health to third parties, or worse to the guru of the day. This essay, the first of a series, becomes an important tool that can be easily used by the reader, who will, however, be faced with a choice of responsibility: to continue in this way towards the abyss, or to participate in this real Revolution.

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