From today CHE Food Revolution is un-Amazon-ed!

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Dear friends, I have made an important decision to be as consistent as possible with the message of my revolution.

At the beginning of this adventure or “at times mission”, I had to find the financial resources necessary to maintain the project, which, as you can imagine, requires a lot of time, research and therefore costs: managing a site like CHE Food Revolution entails significant expenses.
Amazon therefore provided a basis for a minimum of autonomy, without asking anything to anyone.
But unfortunately we know that this big tech (along with other well-known figures) is destroying the economy and social patterns of our world; it is no coincidence that these giants have produced record profits in the worst period of human history.

So I say NO!

I will do my part, that drop that may not change the world, but may make me feel better about what I do.

I will no longer publish my papers on Amazon, I have removed the current ones and I will no longer list its products.

I am aware of the fact that one cannot be “pure”; already having to use the internet, a bank account, social networks or any other object produced by this perverse system, compromises the idea of “sanctity”… and on the other hand I don’t live dressed with palm leaves and sandals woven by me; therefore mine does not want to be automatically a criticism towards others, but simply a contribution, an example, a message that, together with the work of Food Revolution itself, can reach more and more people, stimulating a change, however small.

From now on CHE Food Revolution will go on through donations and direct sale of books: thanks in advance to those who consider my work valid and want to help me in carrying it on.
But please know that I am not expecting anything, and rest assured, the revolution will not stop as long as I have energy.
A big hug to everyone and thanks for the support and the great participation shown so far; I hope to keep up with it.


From today CHE Food Revolution is un-Amazon-ed!
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From today CHE Food Revolution is un-Amazon-ed!
The time has come to make an important decision for the continuation of CHE Food Revolution: to be as consistent as possible.
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CHE Food Revolution
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