Today, CHE Food Revolution turns one year old: thanks to you

CHE Food Revolution oggi compie un anno


And what a year!
When the first seeds of this revolution were growing in my head, I would have never imagined having to raise my creature in such a heavy, gloomy air.
So the expectations were not the best.
Instead, to my great surprise, the “Revolution” began to grow, as serene as it was determined, day after day.
We certainly don’t have astonishing numbers, as is obvious for a “baby”, but very interesting and above all, as they say nowadays in the world of the internet, totally
organic! Yes, without advertising, without convoluted commercial strategies, CHE, with its beautiful graphs pointing to the sky, reassures me on the chosen route, evidently the right one: I take this opportunity to thank Giampaolo, without whose help, not only technical, all this would not have been possible.

To date, we have exceeded 8,000 visits per month and many articles have gained not only the first page of Google (!) but in several cases the top spot. Wow!
All this in just one year – and, I repeat, what a year – so I feel even more satisfied.

Many of you know how much effort it cost me and still costs me; it’s not a game and you just can’t improvise, to maintain certain standards you have to work many, many hours a day; consequently I was certainly lucky, but I think I also deserved these results.
I’m not referring to the numbers themselves, but the fact that you have decided to be part of this great revolution in such large numbers, following only your instinct; the determination to learn how to become more sustainable in your food choices, to save the world and therefore your own future.

All of this has confirmed to me one thing I was already sure of: we have to put faith in the human being and that if there will be a salvation, it will come through awareness.

People act in certain harmful ways, only because they are unaware where their actions will lead.

The more we will be aware, the more we will have a chance to radically solve the problems related to our global food trend of the last 50 years, marked by “too much food and of very bad quality”: food waste, land grabbing, obesity, depletion of land and water reserves, intensive livestock farming, illegal agricultural labor, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, pollution of land, air and water (rivers, springs, but also seas and oceans), malnutrition, overproduction and its “brother” hyperconsumption and much more.
I know it takes time, time that we may not have for long; but if we do not try, if we do not even attempt to change our habits, how could we one day look at ourselves in the mirror or worse in the eyes of our children or grandchildren!

CHE Food Revolution is a train that feeds on your consent, and for the moment thanks to you, it is proceeding at full throttle, to bring knowledge and awareness to anyone who wants to learn and apply them in everyday life.
The past year has taught us that on this earth we are all connected, and realizing that we have succeeded together to produce even a drop in the sea of change, makes me feel good as well as proud of my child, CHE.
Thank you, thank you again, united and numerous we will always be stronger.
Sailors, you know, they feel the wind, and as a sailor I can tell you that our route has the wind at its back.
Fair winds and good revolution to all

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Today, CHE Food Revolution turns one year old: thanks to you
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Today, CHE Food Revolution turns one year old: thanks to you
In a difficult year such as the one that has just passed, the results of the Revolution have been surprising: let me explain why
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CHE Food Revolution
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