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Dear friends, the CHE’s YouTube channel is born!
And as my first video I have decided to post my live talk show on Canale Italia, which took place in the episode ‘Economy at the Table’ on Friday 17 (2023), in which I spoke about sustainable nutrition and certainly about the CHE Food Revolution website.
This is just an excerpt of my speech, for those who wish to watch the whole episode can find the link in the video description on YouTube.

YouTube channel

I put off the launch of the channel for a long time, as time was really stretched to the bone and working on both the blog and the channel at the same time would have been literally impossible; but now that I have managed to optimise the work I can also post video content, also so as not to disperse all the contributions produced and disseminated through social networks.
As time goes by, the channel will be enriched, so I invite you to subscribe so that you can stay up-to-date.
For the rest, it is equally obvious that the website-blog has and will always have priority: the YouTube channel is just one more dissemination tool.

Interview on Canale Italia

I confess that I was very excited and I think you can tell a mile away from the video: I tried my best to spread the message of CHE, but I know it wasn’t enough; so be forgiving and understanding; then the live broadcast and the many distinguished guests put my psyche to the test.

Among other things, a certain Panzironi was also present in the studio, whose existence I did not know about until a week before the broadcast; and what I learned about him frankly embarrassed me; because, leaving aside the stories about him and the business of his supplements (…), to be fair I would have had to interact with a person without a scientific background, struggling with his ‘passion’ for a paleo-like diet; when in fact I then understood the danger of his messages.
I really feel sorry for the unfortunate ones who get beguiled by misunderstanding and confusing concepts pertinent to specific metabolic situations, with the normalisation of theories that are in fact harmful in the long run from the point of view of health and certainly of the environment; apparently the sale of ‘elixirs of life’ is still a very fashionable business today, when I naively believed it had ended in the… Middle Ages.
I also think that the media should give more space to the culture of sustainable nutrition, and not favour people who make unfounded claims on certain topics, showing obvious shortcomings (like the phytate issue, which I talk about fortunately in many articles like this one: and an interesting article on lectins coming soon); even more I regret that talk show times prevent me from adequately countering precisely on these technical issues: after all, you know, the rhythms are there to keep the audience from getting bored, and aggressiveness is not in my line.
But let’s move on, perhaps I have devoted too much time to Mr Paleo.

I would like to thank all the friends who supported me and Vito Monaco, a capable and well-balanced presenter, despite the obvious passion in the studio towards the consumption of animal products.
Indeed, I realised even more how much work there is to be done: people still do not want to give up or even reduce animal proteins, at the cost of self-destructing the very habitat in which we all live; as you will notice in some sequences and in the conclusion, a generalised attitude of ‘childish irresponsibility’ emerges, alas, that pushes individuals to want to believe in fables and food fads that are totally unsustainable from a health and environmental point of view. All this, however, is at the same time a gratifying confirmation of the importance of my work and a further push to continue the Revolution on sustainable nutrition with greater zeal; but everyone’s help is needed, so please spread, spread, spread, healthy food must be sustainable in every respect and cannot be separated from the health of the planet itself.

See you soon on these screens and good revolution to you all



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Sustainable nutrition talks and YouTube channel
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Sustainable nutrition talks and YouTube channel
Great experience at Canale Italia, where I was able to 'bring sustainable nutrition to the nation': and the YouTube channel starts
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